He has a real web presence.

Let's say you're currently five hours away from your girlfriend. You know she's had a pretty rough day. And you find yourself on the web cam. What do you do to cheer her up?

Tell her you love her? Blow her a kiss? Show her a nipple?

If you're LO, these are all just warm-ups (and do actually take place, including the nipple)

Instead, you pull your sweater over your face and type in:

"this is my burka"
"will you marry me?"

Then, place a t-shirt around the top of your head and type:

"i'm a genie in a bottle!"

Out of the blue.

You then proceed to wrap the whole t-shirt around your head so as to look like Mother Terera and mouth religious words and hold your hands in an "Amen" pose (unfortunately not pictured because your girlfriend was laughing too hard to push the "Print Screen" button on her laptop).

Also out of the blue.

This is really quite funny to her, but still does not beat the time you did this:

(I cannot remember WTF this furry object was...)

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