He makes compelling arguments.

When LO and I started watching The Proposal this past weekend (shaddap! we love romantic comedies!), I got pretty annoyed that, dundundun, once again, the main characters work in publishing. You see, I get pretty pissed when movies make it out to be all glossy and glam and shiny-like (think gems like Devil Wears Prada), when I work as an editor and I boil my water for my tea in a plastic kettle underneath my desk right by my feet. It definitely isn't as lucrative as the movies make it out to be.


I scrunch up my nose and exclaim in disgust, "Agh! ANOTHER movie about publishing! Why does EVERY movie have to be about publishing or journalism!?"

To which, LO, almost instantaneously, shouts back in a very serious manner: "NOT RAMBO!!"

...Well, then.

I guess I stand corrected.

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